We are 5 Peeps…

...but hopefully that is the only predictable thing about us. Because being predictable is boring and that's something we as a Berlin band in one of the most colourful and diverse metropolises on earth definitely don't want to be. That's why we've been taking on the challenge of giving the world of pop rock a new coat of paint since 2021. To this end, we work hard to take whatever is on our minds and a colourful mix of musical preferences to create a collective piece of music that, at best, can inspire and please many people around the world.

We do this because music is our passion and what moves us every day. So with us there is no room for boredom, but there is still one constant you can rely on: no matter whether we rock the streets, hit the stage or sneak into your playlists, you will enjoy the finest pop rock made of tried and tested ingredients. Energetic guitar solos, solid rhythms, melodic vocals and of course everything prepared with love. Just the right thing to recharge your own battery. We sincerely hope that you enjoy our music.

Your 5 Peeps And The Battery

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